Geoff Hendrie, of  WorkHorse Concierge, has done a couple of jobs for us and we have always found him to be very competent, reliable and trustworthy – traits which are most important to us when someone is working in our home. Geoff’s projects were always started and completed on a timely basis and he always took great care in his work and we were always very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Geoff, you can have full faith in his ability and integrity.

Dorothy K

“you can have full faith in his ability and integrity”

I am a neighbour of Geoff’s in Collingwood at the Georgian Peaks property. I see Geoff on the hills regularly and learned his business also has firewood delivery.
I made a large order in the spring of 2018, and was pleased to see it delivered and neatly stacked well before the summertime heat arrived – to ensure it would be extra dry for the 2019 winter season.
Geoff was very pleasant to deal with and I would use him again.

Julian B

“pleasant to deal with and I would use him again”

Over the spring and summer we had Geoff do a number of jobs we would never have got done ourselves; paint, repair and remove items to dump. Geoff completed the jobs in a timely manner and at a fair price. We would highly recommend Geoff to look after and maintain your Collingwood property.

David & Ann D

“completed the jobs in a timely manner and at a fair price”

Geoff IS a WorkHorse!
Geoff and his team are a delight to work with – honest, hard-working, on time. He did a great job looking after our place while we were in the city. Nice to have someone local you can trust.

Dean H

Toronto resident, Osler Bluff Ski Club member

“nice to have someone local you can trust”

Along with providing us with peace of mind, he is available to our renters as a “go to” guy to provide any local services that they may need. My life is simpler with WorkHorse Geoff, a skier who knows what a chalet owner needs all season.

Chris B

“my life is simpler”

My Experience with Geoff Hendrie-WorkHorse…..
I was in a total bind a few weeks ago. I design functional and fashionable women’s and men’s clothing for winter sport activities. I was setting up for a vendor market and my production order was delayed. I called Geoff to see if by any chance he could pick up the bulk of my order…..He didn’t hesitate to say yes. He drove to Toronto to pick up my product and delivered it to my house so that I had it for the market the next day! Thank you Geoff. You’re a life saver.

Suzy M

Designer/Owner Soosport Ltd.

“you’re a life saver”…